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Window & Wall Graphic Maintenance Mistakes: Top-6 Costly Upkeep Errors

Window & Wall Graphic Maintenance Mistakes: Top-6 Costly Upkeep Errors

With proper upkeep, unlaminated window and wall graphics can easily last for 2-3 years, while laminated products can last for 5 years or more. This translates to millions of views and potential conversions over the life of your sign, making window and wall graphics one of the most cost-effective options on the market.

And proper upkeep is easy, as long as you know to steer clear of some common (and costly) maintenance mistakes.

Read on to learn how to clean and care for your vinyl graphics, or call (314)-726-5500 to speak directly with a window & wall graphic expert in St. Louis, MO.

Top-6 Window & Wall Graphic Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

1.    Using Abrasive Cleaning Tools

Window & wall graphic maintenance is best done by hand using a soft microfiber cloth and gentle motions, moving from the inside-out. Leave the scrubbers, pressure washers, and power cleaning tools for another job, or you could end up with lifted edges or visible scratches on your graphic.

2.    Using Harsh Cleaning Agents

Most window & wall graphics can be cleaned without any detergents. A quick dusting will often suffice.

However, if you do need some suds to get the job done, make sure you use a mild detergent that contains no harmful chemicals or abrasive additives. Some products may interact poorly with the ink, vinyl, or adhesive. When in doubt, ask our window & wall graphic experts—consultations are free, and a quick conversation could save you the cost of a new window or wall graphic!

3.    Waxing Or Polishing

Window & wall graphics do not require wax or polish. In fact, the sheen from these products can make messages harder to read while in direct sunlight, and some contain harmful solvents, petroleum distillates, and abrasives that can ruin the look of your graphics.

4.    Wiping “Outside-In”

When wiping down your window & wall graphics, always be sure to start from the inside or middle and draw the cloth out towards the edges, keeping smooth and steady pressure. Wiping “outside-in” can cause lifting at the edges of your graphic.

5.    Irregular Cleanings

Irregular cleaning is another common maintenance mistake.

The longer you leave any contaminants in place, the harder they’ll be to clean later on, and this is usually when the troubles start. The stain dries up and hardens in place, so you go looking for stronger cleaning solutions, or power-cleaning tools, or you simply apply a bit more elbow grease, only to run afoul of one of the mistakes mentioned above.

Committing to regular cleanings is really all you have to do to avoid this problem. And don’t worry—regular is a very loose term in this sense. You really only need to clean your window & wall graphics when they look dirty. In most buildings with regular amounts of dust, this translates to a 5-second wipe down about once per month.

6.    Leaving Air Pockets After An Imperfect Installation

One of the most common issues with DIY window & wall graphic installations is leftover air pockets or “bubbles.”

If you notice any air pockets after an imperfect installation, you should address them right away. The longer you leave them, the more vulnerable your graphics will be to bigger rips and tears. In some cases, air pockets go away on their own once the graphic “settles in,” especially if they’re exposed to sunlight, but some are more stubborn. Most of the time, you can discreetly “pop” these pockets with a pinhole, then smooth them out so they aren’t visible to passing viewers.

To fix any stubborn air pockets, or avoid installation problems to begin with, get in touch with our window & wall graphic experts!

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