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A sign can’t be manufactured until it is designed.But designs that look good on a computer screen don’t always translate well to physical signs. A professional sign company will put in the time and effort it takes to design an effective and visually appealing sign.
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Maintenance & Repair

Nothing lasts forever, not even the top-quality signage manufactured by Horizon Sign Company.All signs need to be maintained and sometimes repaired to remain effective.
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Manufacturing & Installation

Manufacturing is the process of actually making signs. Installation is the process of mounting or applying those signs where they need to be displayed.
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Marketing & Event Consultation

If your organization has an event coming up in the St. Louis area, or if you’re crafting a new marketing strategy for your business, you want it to be as impactful possible. Doing either of these things well will require the right signage. By consulting with a professional sign company, you can get the best signage possible to help you achieve your goals.
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