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Rock Hill Custom Channel Letters Signs

Channel Letter SignsWhat are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs consist of custom-made, three-dimensional letters. Channel letter signs are illuminated to boost visibility. Channel letters which are not illuminated are called dimensional letters.

Uses for Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are most often used outdoors to identify and promote businesses, but they can be used to advertise specific products. For example, a retail store in Kirkwood can use a channel letter sign to advertise that they sell a specific brand of computer devices. Channel letter signs can also be used inside.

Types of Channel Letter Signs

Metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and brass, are the most common materials for channel letter signs, though plastic is also an option. Channel letter signs can be mounted directly on to the surface of the wall of your Rock Hill area business or you can use a mounting structure. A raceway is a mounting structure that houses the electrical components of a channel letter sign. Wire ways contain only wiring, so they are thinner.

Why Choose us for Channel Letter Signs in Rock Hill, MO?

Your channel letter sign identifies and represents your business, so it must be on-brand. And because they are electronic signs that are often used outdoors, channel letter signs must be durable to endure the four distinct seasons of the Rock Hill area. Horizon Sign Company can design, manufacture, and install durable and on-brand channel letter signs for clients in the Rock Hill area of Missouri. Please contact us to learn more.

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