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Sign DesignWhat is Design?

A sign can’t be manufactured until it is designed. But designs that look good on a computer screen don’t always translate well to physical signs. A professional sign company will put in the time and effort it takes to design an effective and visually appealing sign.

Uses for Design

At Horizon Sign Company, we occasionally meet a client who has a detailed vision for their sign, and that design is absolutely perfect. But these cases are rare. Most of our clients want advice, whether they have already drawn up a detailed design or they merely have a vague idea of what they want. Whether we’re designing a sign from scratch or giving you pointers that only a sign expert could offer, we make sure everyone is happy with the design before we move on to manufacturing.

Types of Design

Every sign requires a unique design process. Whether you prefer to discuss design over email, on the phone, or in person, we can accommodate your needs.

Why Choose us for Design?

At Horizon Sign Company, we always give 100% when consulting with any client about the design of their sign. From whole new marketing plans and re-brandings that require a slew of brand-new designs, to a simple design for a sign in a public school, we will design the best possible sign for each client. We offer design services to clients in Brentwood, Clayton, Webster Groves, Maplewood, Kirkwood, Richmond Heights, Rock Hill, and anywhere else in the St. Louis area of Missouri.

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