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Rock Hill Custom Window Graphics & Film

Window Graphics FilmWhat are Window Graphics & Film?

Windows often provide a great space for graphics. Window film makes large scale window graphics more practical.

Uses for Window Graphics & Film

Window graphics most commonly appear on front windows and are used to identify businesses and to entice people to come inside. A Rock Hill toy store, for example, can utilize bright and fun window graphics on their shop window to get noticed. Window film is used when you want to cover an entire window with a graphic, but still be able to use the window as a window.

Types of Window Graphics & Film

Window graphics are almost always promotional in nature, but they can also be used to provide more basic information, such as wayfinding or COVID-19 info. Window graphics and film aren’t just for store windows, though. You can even install window graphics and film on vehicles. Window film uses tiny perforations so that people outside of your store or vehicle see a cohesive image, but inside you can still see outside.

Why Choose us for Window Graphics & Film in Rock Hill, MO?

Window graphics and film need to be designed just right to be as effective as possible. They also need to be manufactured properly with high-quality adhesive that won’t damage your window. At Horizon Sign Company, we design and manufacture custom window graphics and film. We are happy to make window graphics and film for clients in Brentwood, Clayton, Maplewood, Webster Groves, Kirkwood, and nearby areas throughout St. Louis, Missouri.

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