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[City] Custom Monument Signs

Monument SignsWhat are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are large, freestanding signs that identify and promote buildings, businesses, and properties.

Uses for Monument Signs

From retail businesses in [City] to residential complexes in Brentwood, just about every property needs to be identified with a sign that is as visible as possible. Sometimes architectural signage installed on your building is satisfactory, but not always. If your [City] store or Brentwood residential building is situated far from the nearest road because a parking lot or lawn is in the way, then people will struggle to identify you as they drive by. A monument sign is a large sign that is installed close to the nearest street so people will be able to spot you much more easily.

Types of Monument Signs

Foam core, cedar, pine, high-density urethane, plastic, and metal are popular materials for monument sign panels. The base can be made of wood, brick, or cement. If you manage a property that hosts more than one business, use a tenant sign which displays the names of multiple businesses on the same lot. While large, monument signs are rarely tall, so if you want a sign panel installed high up, a pole sign is a better choice.

Why Choose us for Monument Signs in [City], [State]?

Monument signs identify and represent your building, property, or institution, so they must look good and be on-brand with your image. Horizon Sign Company can design, manufacture, and install on-brand and durable monument signs for clients in [City] and elsewhere in the St. Louis area of Missouri.

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