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[City] Custom Indoor School Signs

What are School Signs?

Of the many things you must consider if you’re a principal, comptroller, or on a school board in the [City] area, signage is probably not the issue that occupies the majority of your time. Nevertheless, school signs are important for safety, informational, and motivational purposes.

Uses for School Signs

School signs are useful for identifying schools, for providing wayfinding information, for reminding students to practice safe behavior, and for boosting school spirit.

Types of School Signs

To identify a school, an architectural sign on the school’s front-facing wall is effective. However, this is not always enough. Picture a Brentwood school with a parking lot or lawn between it and the nearest street. To properly identify it at this distance, this Brentwood school could use a monument sign. Wayfinding signs are important, too, but you can be a bit more creative with your school signs, as well. A fun wall or floor graphic in the locker room can really motivate your high school basketball team, for example.

Why Choose us for School Signs in [City], [State]?

School signs must be visible to all; that means they must comply with ADA laws. While legibility is paramount, if you can customize your school signs, you can create a cohesive identity for your school. At Horizon Sign Company, we can design and manufacture custom school signs. We are happy to make school signs for clients in Brentwood, Clayton, Maplewood, Webster Groves, Kirkwood, and nearby areas throughout St. Louis, Missouri. Contact us to learn more.

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