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Brentwood Custom Flag Signs

Flag SignsWhat are Flag Signs?

Flags are not just for countries and states. A flag sign is a great way to identify and promote your Brentwood area business or event.

Uses for Flag Signs

Flag signs are typically used outdoors because they sway in the breeze. Movement, even minimal, gentle movement, catches the eye, and therefore flag signs often generate more impressions than static signs. Because they are lightweight, easy to move and install, and inexpensive, flag signs make for great temporary or supplemental signage. For example, a restaurant in Rock Hill can install flag signs above their entrance to grab people’s attention and attract them inside. And if that Rock Hill restaurant is going to serve food out of a truck at an outdoor event in the Brentwood area, a flag sign is a great sign to have at that event.

Types of Flag Signs

Your flag sign can display any logo, graphic, design, or message you want. Flag signs can be rectangular or tapered into a triangular shape.

Why Choose us for Flag Signs in Brentwood, MO?

Flag signs are often used to identify businesses, promote sales, and brand spaces. Regardless of your specific reason for wanting a flag sign, that sign will represent your business, so you can’t afford to have a flag sign that is poorly designed. Horizon Sign Company can design and manufacture pleasing and on-brand flag signs for clients in the Brentwood area of Missouri. Please contact us to learn more.

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