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St. Louis Custom Cabinet Signs

Cabinet SignsWhat is a Cabinet Sign?

Cabinet signs are called such because they are essentially signs displayed in or in front of a box, or cabinet. Cabinet signs are made to be illuminated. The light fixture is housed in the cabinet behind the sign panel, projecting through it.

Uses for Cabinet Signs

Imagine a restaurant along Manchester Road in Brentwood, which sees too many vehicles simply drive past. Installing a cabinet sign can remedy this. Cabinet signs are visible from further distances than non-lighted signs, and they’re visible at night as well as in the rain, fog, and snow. Furthermore, cabinet signs can save businesses money over time because when you want to change the message or update the logo on your cabinet sign, you don’t have to pay for a whole new sign. You simply swap out the sign panel.

Types of Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are usually rectangular in shape, but the sign panel can display anything you want. The frames of cabinet signs are most often made of aluminum because it is a strong but lightweight metal, though other materials are also available.

Why Choose Us for Cabinet Signs in St. Louis, MO?

Cabinet signs are important because they identify and represent businesses. They are also electric signs that are often used outdoors, so they must be durable to stand up to the varied weather conditions we experience in the St. Louis area. Horizon Sign Company can design, manufacture, and install eye-catching and durable cabinet signs that fit your brand. We proudly serve clients in Brentwood, Clayton, Webster Groves, Maplewood, Kirkwood, Richmond Heights, Rock Hill, and anywhere else throughout the St. Louis area of Missouri. Please contact us to learn more.

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