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Clayton Custom Dimensional Letters

What are Dimensional Letters?

Dimensional letters are bulky, molded letters that use height, width, and depth, as opposed to appearing on a two-dimensional sign panel.

Uses for Dimensional Letters

Two dimensions work well for many signs, but sometimes you want to use all three dimensions to fully express the qualities of your Clayton brand. The added depth of field of dimensional letters draws people’s attention. Dimensional letters can be used as architectural signage, lobby signs, school signs, and more. Dimensional letters can also be installed on other sign forms, such as monument signs and pole signs.

Types of Dimensional letters

The material you choose is important for the look of your dimensional letter sign. Cut plexiglass, PVC, and plexiglass on foam are all popular choices. If you’re not too concerned about weight, cast metal or polished brass offers a bolder and more auspicious look. Dimensional letters which are illuminated are called channel letter signs.

Why Choose Us for Dimensional Letters in Clayton, MO?

Dimensional letters are often used to identify and promote a business. All the signs on and around your property represent you in some way, but dimensional letters even more so because they are often the most prominent sign a business or property displays. You can’t afford to have them poorly designed or to look inconsistent with the rest of your signage. Horizon Sign Company can design and manufacture durable and on-brand dimensional letters for clients in Brentwood, Clayton, Webster Groves, Maplewood, Kirkwood, Richmond Heights, Rock Hill, and anywhere else throughout the St. Louis area of Missouri. Please contact us to learn more.

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