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St. Louis Custom LED Signs

LED SignsWhat are LED Signs?

LEDs Sign is popular forms of illumination for signage. LED signs is effective at generating impressions and increasing a business’s visibility.

Uses for LED Signs

No sign can be effective without getting noticed. One way to maximize impressions is by using illumination. Indoors, illuminated signs stand out against other visual stimuli. Outdoors, they can be seen in bad weather, such as rain, fog, and snow, as well as at night. LED signs are generally used for promotion, branding, or advertising. While you probably wouldn’t use a lighted sign to identify the restrooms in a St. Louis restaurant, you might use them to display your restaurant’s name.

Types of LED Signs

Incandescent bulbs are woefully inefficient. Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps are more efficient, but often have an unpleasant bluish glow. LEDs are by far the most efficient and the longest lasting of any light fixture.

Why Choose us for LED Signs in St. Louis, MO?

LED signs are significant investments, so you want to be 100% satisfied with them. At Horizon Sign Company, we dedicate the time and effort necessary to design and manufacture the perfect LED sign for your St. Louis area business. We are happy to make LED signs for clients in St. Louis. Contact us to learn more.

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