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[City] Custom 3D Signs

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What is a 3D Sign?

Two dimensions are often enough when it comes to creating effective signage, but sometimes you need that extra dimension to really convey the character of your [City] area business. 3D signs use added depth to create a sign with a fuller and more substantive appearance.

Uses for 3D Signs

3D signs are great to use as commercial or building signage. The added depth of field you get with a 3D sign allows you to communicate more of your brand’s personality. 3D signs can emphasize boldness, creativity, fun, and other qualities of your [City] – area brand. For example, an ice cream parlor in Brentwood can use a 3D sign to identify their business in a colorful and fun way that also brands an outside eating area they have.

Types of 3D Signs

Multiple materials can be used for 3D signs. If you want a lightweight 3D sign, your best options are probably plexiglass, PVC, or plexiglass on foam. If mass is not a major concern of yours, cast-metal or polished brass offer a bolder and statelier look.

Why Choose us for 3D Signs in [City], [State]?

Apart from greater visibility, the big advantage of 3D signs is that they allow for more creativity in their design. Given this, you can only trust your 3D sign to a professional and well-respected sign company in the [City] area. At Horizon Sign Company, we can design eye-catching and on-brand 3D signs for businesses and organizations in [City], and elsewhere in Missouri.

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