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Clayton Custom Digital Signs

Digital SignsWhat are Digital Signs?

Digital signs are dynamic because they can have scrolling or changing messages. Because digital signs use both illumination and movement, they are some of the most effective types of signage for businesses in the Clayton area.

Uses for Digital Signs

Digital signs are formidable marketing tools. The message or graphic on an analog sign might be great, but it’s the only message or graphic that analog sign will ever display. Digital signs, on the other hand, can cycle through several messages and graphics to communicate different messages. If you want to change the text on your digital sign, you simply reprogram it. If a quick service restaurant in Clayton, MO, installs a digital sign, they can keep using it through endless menu changes and even a rebranding.

Types of Digital Signs

Digital signs are typically rectangular. Digital signs can consist of digital screens or digitally programmed lights (usually LEDs) that light up in a certain fashion to convey a sense of movement.

Why Choose us for Digital Signs in Clayton, MO?

Digital signs can be incredibly cost effective. But they’re still significant investments and you won’t get a good return on that investment if you hire a second-rate sign company. At Horizon Sign Company, we can design, manufacture, and install the perfect digital for your Clayton-area business. We are happy to make digital signs for clients in Brentwood, Clayton, Maplewood, Webster Groves, Kirkwood, and nearby areas throughout St. Louis, Missouri. Contact us to learn more.

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