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Planning Your Sign Strategy: Advice From A Sign Expert In St. Louis, MO

Planning Your Sign Strategy: Advice From A Sign Expert In St. Louis, MO

Online ads, TV commercials, and word-of-mouth are all great for business, but traditional signage still reigns supreme in the advertising arena.

But if you want to reap the rewards of this powerful marketing tool, you need a good sign strategy. That’s easier said than done, but our sign experts are here to guide you through the entire process, from pre-order planning, ideation, and product selection to design, manufacturing, and installation.

Read on to learn some key points to consider when developing your sign strategy, or call (314)-726-5500 to speak directly with a sign expert in St. Louis, MO.

Planning Your Sign Strategy: 3 Tips From Sign Experts In St. Louis, MO

1.    Set Goals Early On To Maximize Project Savings And Results

Every sign should have a specific purpose. If you know what every sign is there to do, you can avoid leaving gaps in your sign system or paying extra for redundant messaging, and you’ll have a much easier time selecting the right tools for the job.

For example, channel letter signs are a fantastic choice for businesses looking to elevate their storefront messaging, improve wayfinding and nighttime legibility, and build brand authority. But if your goal is to expand your reach or promote specific products and services, A-frame signs, vinyl graphics, and vehicle wraps might be a better option, depending on whether you want something portable or for fixed display on-the-premises. They’re also much less expensive and they do not require permits or electrification, so they might be better for businesses with tight budgets or strict rental agreements prohibiting any drilling into the building.

In this example, knowing the goal or desired outcome of the sign display makes it easy to narrow down your list of sign candidates. And you don’t need to be super-specific, either; simply knowing that you need something portable, or something that will help people find your business, will greatly inform your sign strategy.

If you need help setting goals for your sign order, or finding signage to achieve them, get in touch with our local sign experts.

2.    Scope Out Suitable Display Sites In Advance

Knowing the lay of the land (or in this case, the lay of your location) can really speed up your sign order and help you get the most bang for your buck.

For example, if you’re blessed with windowed frontage, window graphics are an easy, low-cost way to create billboard-sized displays on the premises, without blocking the views in or out.

If your location has a storefront sign display space that was used by a previous renter, we may be able to use the existing sign structure, fixtures, or holes drilled from cables/wiring to shave some time and money off your order.

3.    Look For Blind Spots In Your Current Sign System

If your shop is tucked into a plaza or your storefront is angled in such a way that it cannot be seen by passing drivers or pedestrians, consider adding some roadside/sidewalk signage, such as an A-frame, monument sign, or pole signs.

But even if you don’t have any glaring blind spots such as these, your sign system may be lacking in certain areas or when viewed from certain angles of approach. To shore up these gaps in your sign system, try to see things from the customer’s perspective—take a walk or drive by your business from a few different directions and see if you can spot any areas of improvement.

Start Planning Your Sign Strategy: Consult With Sign Experts In St. Louis, MO

To start planning your sign strategy and find out how much it will cost to put into practice, you can schedule a free consultation with our local sign experts by:

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