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Dimensional Letters Vs. Flat Graphics: Which Is Better For Your Business?

Dimensional Letters vs. Flat Graphics: Which is Better for Your Business?

Dimensional letters and vinyl lettering are two popular options for business messaging, but which is best? The answer is neither; both offer unique advantages, and with the help of a full-service shop like ours, they’re both easy to order, install, and maintain.

Of course, while there is no universal best, there is a best-for-you, and the team at Horizon Sign Company is here to help you find it. Read on to learn which sign option is better for your business, or call (314)-726-5500 to speak directly with a sign expert in St. Louis, MO.

Dimensional Letters Vs. Flat Graphics: What’s Best For Your Business?

If catching eyes is your number-one priority, dimensional letters are the smart pick. While vinyl graphics can be printed in large formats and designed with breathtaking digital images, dimensional letters win handily in head-to-head marketing measurements, thanks to their:

  • Dimensional design, which sets your message apart from the competitors flat marketing materials and gives audiences something to see when approach your signage side-on
  • Natural contrast and outlining, as the dimensional design casts shadows in the kerning of your letters, improving long-range legibility and helping your message stand out in crowded signscapes
  • Size and prominent positioning, with the option to install larger-than-life dimensional letters up high where they cannot be obstructed by passing pedestrians or active sign-readers, as is the case with smaller vinyl lettering orders

Dimensional letters also offer superior durability, being made from materials such as metal or acrylic, and installed with strong fasteners to withstand the elements without fading or deteriorating. Accordingly, if your display area is exposed to a lot of inclement weather or wear-and-tear, dimensional letters might be best.

Of course, dimensional letters do come with some drawbacks. Compared to vinyl lettering, they require a larger investment, although our selection of budget-friendly materials makes it easy to control project costs.

Dimensional letters also require professional installation, whereas vinyl lettering is a bit more DIY-friendly. However, pro installation is still recommended with vinyl letters to avoid any air pockets, creases, or lifted edges, so it may not make much difference in practice.

Dimensional letters also require permits, whereas most vinyl lettering orders do not, so if time is of the essence, opt for the latter to skip the approval process. That said, while permitting will affect your timeline, there’s really no difference in the amount of effort required on your end if you work with a full-service shop like ours, since we provide full support with permit applications, and our designers ensure full compliance with local sign code standards.

Vinyl lettering also takes up less room than dimensional letters, which project a few inches off the substrate, so flat graphics may be a better fit for owners working in small retail spaces. Their installation is also 100% non-invasive, which makes them suitable in almost any rental space, regardless of your landlord restrictions.

Finally, vinyl lettering is a more mobile marketing solution, unlike dimensional letters, as you can bring them just about anywhere, be it on the road as vehicular marketing, or onto the trade show floor as part of your booth display.

In conclusion, vinyl lettering is a great choice if you are:

  • Working on a tight budget
  • In need of speedy sign solutions
  • Advertising in a small retail space
  • Renting a commercial space where heavy-duty sign installation is prohibited
  • Looking for portable marketing solutions

In contrast, dimensional letters work best if you need:

  • Highly conspicuous, eye-catching signage that stand out in competitive signscapes
  • Signage that can be seen over crowds or passing cars
  • Durable signage that can stand up to the elements

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