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Get More For Your Money: 5 Novel Ways To Use (And Reuse) Custom Banners

Get More For Your Money: 5 Novel Ways To Use (And Reuse) Custom Banners

Today’s post highlights five ways to use and reuse custom banners to improve brand recognition without increasing your marketing spend. Read on or call (314)-726-5500 to speak with our custom banner specialists in St. Louis, MO.

Reuse Custom Banners For Branding To Get More For Your Money

The best branding campaigns rely on the power of redundant communication, something most parents and business owners probably know all too well. Repetition in communication is a tool that many of us use without realizing it, but it has also been the focus of much research, with references to the science of effective frequency reaching back as far as an 1890 book called Successful Advertising, wherein author Thomas Smith suggested it took 20 exposures to a brand message before it truly sunk in.

While the exact number of exposures remains hotly contested – some live by the Rule of 7, while Herbert Krugman wrote in 1965 that the third time’s the charm – experts agree that branding works best with repetition. The real trick is finding organic, non-intrusive ways to get your brand back in front of audiences.

But with custom banners, it’s easy to unlock the branding power of redundant communication without paying for any additional branding materials. Not only are our custom banners highly conspicuous, making them extremely effective in more traditional display contexts, but they’re also highly versatile and reusable.

What follows is a look at five novel ways to use (and reuse) your custom banners to get more branding results without increasing your marketing spend.

1.   Reuse Custom Banners As Tablecloths And Table Runners

Large custom banners can be used to cover entire tables, while smaller banners make great table runners. Vinyl banners hold up to spills and can be cleaned very easily, and they keep your brand message in front of diners or trade booth visitors for the duration of the event.

2.   Use Custom Banners As Finish Lines For Community Events

If your business is hosting or sponsoring an annual race or charity run, custom banners make great finish lines, able to hold up in any weather and making your brand message the focal point for athletes and audiences alike.

3.   Put Custom Banners In Service As Room Dividers And Partitions

If you need to temporarily divide a large area into discrete spaces, custom banners make great partitions and dividers.

4.   Set Up Custom Banners As Backgrounds At Trade Shows And Business Events

Whether you’re filming a video or setting up for a photo at a business event, using custom banners as your background both makes the shot more professional and sneaks in extra brand exposure.

5.   Cover Up Construction And Renovations With Custom Banners

If you need to cover up eyesores and works-in-progress, custom banners do double-time, tidying up your in-store aesthetic while creating more brand exposure.

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