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Drive B2B Sales: 5 Ways To Put Your Trade Show Booth Graphics To Work

Drive B2B Sales: 5 Ways to Put Your Trade Show Booth Graphics to Work

Today’s post runs down 5 ways St. Louis businesses use trade show booth graphics to attract visitors, boost brand awareness, and drive B2B sales. Read on to learn more, or call (314)-726-5500 to start a trade show booth graphic consultation straight away.

Drive More B2B Sales With Snappy Trade Show Booth Graphics In St. Louis, MO

Plenty of research bears out the sales-boosting value of trade show booth graphics.

For example, one study by the Center for Advanced Retail & Technology found that shoppers linger for 280% longer in exhibition spaces decorated with trade show booth graphics. Furthermore, in that same study, trade show booth graphics were linked to a 17.2% sales increase among exhibitors.

In another study by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute, researchers found that nearly two-thirds (64%) of trade show attendees stopped to engage with product displays when trade show booth graphics were present.

To get the best bang for your buck, treat your trade show booth graphics like lead-generators, not detailed informational placards. Don’t try to cram all of your value propositions onto a single graphic; instead, focus on eye-catching design and short, snappy copy that creates intrigue, so that your salespeople can follow up and look to convert.

For help designing trade show booth graphics that drive sales, call (314)-726-5500.

Stop The Spread And Boost Brand Authority With Trade Show Booth Graphics

St. Louis trade shows no longer require attendees and exhibitors to don masks, but many businesses are keeping safety protocols in place to help stop the spread for good. If you’re among them, trade show booth graphics can help you turn these precautions into powerful promotional opportunities.

Whether you want to promote safe social distancing, encourage masking, or brand your sneeze guards and protective shields, trade show booth graphics are a great option, and their effectiveness is borne out by peer-reviewed research. For example, a recent study by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding found that, during the height of the pandemic, shoppers were more compliant with hand-washing, masking, and social distancing protocols when these policies were promoted using floor graphics. And at the same time those shoppers engaged with safety messages, they were seeing the owners’ brand colors, logos, and company names.

Make The Most Of Limited Floor Space With Trade Show Booth Graphics

While human crowding is good for business, suggesting to passersby that your products and services are enticing enough to draw a crowd, spatial crowding (e.g. narrow aisles and cluttered floor layouts) is not. In fact, studies show that spatial crowding negatively affects:

  • Time spent in trade show booth
  • Impulse buying
  • Aisle table buying
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Trade show booth image (Lee et al., 2011)

If you want to draw a crowd while keeping your booth open, airy, and accessible, trade show booth graphics are a great choice. Whether you choose to mount them on the floor, the wall, or on any of our low-footprint banners, you’ll attract more visitors without excess spatial crowding.

Easily Update Existing Signs With Trade Show Booth Graphics

Ordering a run of trade show booth graphics makes it easy to update big-ticket signage. Simply slap a graphic or decal onto any non-porous sign substrate, and you can add value propositions, new promotions, and locally-relevant information to help engage passersby.

Leave Lasting Impressions: Use Trade Show Booth Graphics As Promotional Swag

Trade show booth graphics don’t need to stay in your booth. Decals, stickers, and graphics make great promotional swag that you can use to attract visitors and spread brand awareness beyond the confines of the exhibition.

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