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Simplify Your 3D Sign Order: One-Stop Sign Solutions In St. Louis, MO

Simplify Your 3D Sign Order: One-Stop Sign Solutions in St. Louis, MO

Ordering custom 3D signs can be daunting for first-timers, but we made it our mission to make it easy. Read on to learn how we can simplify your 3D sign order in St. Louis, MO, or call (314)-726-5500 to speak directly with a 3D sign specialist near you.

Start Your 3D Sign Order With A Personalized Needs Assessment

According to the BrandSpark / Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper Study, 85.7% of US consumers believe that signage “conveys the personality or character of the business.” What do your signs say about you? If you’re still using stock designs or tired templates, you’re not branding at your full potential.

Your brand is unique, and if you want people to take an interest in what you have to offer, your 3D sign should be unique, too.

Furthermore, according to the latest visual attention research, novelty captures the gaze better than saliency, so even if you aren’t driven to create a unique brand image for any other reason, it’s worth doing to boost your advertising impact (Ernst et al., 2020).

At Horizon Sign Company, we know that designing a 3D sign from scratch can be daunting for beginners, so we made it our mission to make it easy! To that end, we start every consultation with a personalized needs assessment, during which we will help you determine your:

  • 3D sign budget
  • Advertising goals / Target audience
  • Design preferences and desired specifications (e.g. favorite colors, brand vision, 3D sign size, illumination options, etc)
  • Installation options, and more

We will also overview your maintenance and permitting obligations, discuss how your 3D sign fits into your existing sign system, and explain the pros and cons of different 3D sign styles, including:

  • Channel letters
  • Pin mounted letters
  • Dimensional signs
  • 3D logo signs, and more

Once the needs assessment is complete, we can create a shortlist of 3D sign product recommendations and get started on your bespoke brand logo or sign design.

Simplify Your 3D Sign Order: One-Stop Sign Solutions in St. Louis, MOSimplify Your 3D Sign Order: One-Stop Sign Solutions in St. Louis, MO

Horizon Sign Company carries all of the most popular 3D sign products, and everything is 100% customizable.

Streamline 3D Sign Design, Production, And Permitting At A One-Stop Shop

By working with a one-stop 3D sign shop, your project moves quickly and seamlessly from one stage to the next, while you keep control of the entire operation from a single point of contact. Our in-house graphics team will work with you to match your brand vision and perfect your specs, then jump straight into production, without you having to manage project handovers between designers and manufacturers.

What’s more, our designers are highly experienced with local sign codes, so your design will be 100% compliant with St. Louis’ design standards, with no backtracking necessary, and we can even help you get a permit.

Simplify 3D Sign Installation And Upkeep In St. Louis, MO

Once your 3D sign is ready, we take care of the delivery and installation. This not only saves you another service cost, but also guarantees great results, since nobody will know how to install your sign better than the people who built it!

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Ernst, D., Becker, S., & Horstmann, G. (2020). Novelty competes with saliency for attention. Vision Research, 168, 42-52.

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