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4 Key Sign Code Considerations For Lighted Sign Success In St. Louis, MO

4 Key Sign Code Considerations For Lighted Sign Success In St. Louis, MO

Lighted signs are one of the best options for business owners looking to gain local impressions, boost brand recall, and simplify wayfinding. But with great power comes great responsibility, and in this case, it is your responsibility to comply with all lighted sign standards set by the St. Louis County Code of Ordinances.

Failing to do so could cost you, both in terms of ordinance violation penalties and in lighted sign “downtime.” But with the team at Horizon Sign Company there to light the way, you have nothing to fear.

To help get you the most out of every order, and save you from a $200 noncompliance fine, today’s post reviews 4 key requirements for lighted sign users, as per section 1003.168 of the St. Louis County Code of Ordinances.

Read on to learn more, or call (314)-726-5500 to speak directly with a lighted sign specialist in St. Louis, MO.

Sign Code Considerations For Lighted Sign Success In St. Louis, MO

  1. All lighted signs require permits. “Before any permit is issued, an application, provided by the Department of Public Works, shall be filed, together with drawings and specifications as may be necessary to fully advise and acquaint the Department of Public Works with the location, construction, materials, manner of illuminating, and securing or fastening, and the wording or delineation to be carried on the sign,” states Section 1003.168.

    Additionally, all lighted signs require a separate electrical permit, inspection, and “lighting plan,” prepared by a qualified professional as approved by the director of planning. These documents must be submitted concurrently with the initial permit/proposal.

    All of this red tape can seem overwhelming, but we can keep you from drowning in paperwork! Our lighted sign experts provide full support with permits, lighting plans, and all other documentation required by the Code of Ordinances, so you can stay focused on building your business while we put the finishing touches on your sign.

  2. All lighted signs must meet approved luminance levels. Luminance levels are carefully regulated to uphold community aesthetics and prevent any safety issues for local drivers. The full luminance requirements for lighted signs can be found in Section 1003.167 of the St. Louis County Code of Ordinances, or by speaking with one of our lighted sign experts. But when you work with our team, you don’t have to worry; our lighted signs are carefully calibrated to meet local luminance standards, and we will advise you on proper usage.
  3. All lighted signs must be free of intermittent light sources. Lighted signs are prohibited from flashing or blinking, as this is considered to be a safety hazard to drivers. The only exception to this rule is for lighted signs displaying time and temperature or electronic message centers.
  4. Most lighted signs must be internally illuminated. Restaurant signs, financial institution signs, freestanding kiosks, logo signs, and any lighted signs in the “C-1” Neighborhood Business District must be internally illuminated.

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