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Floor Graphic Research Review: Increase Sales With Space-Saving Signs


Floor Graphic Research Review: Increase Sales with Space-Saving Signs

Today’s post reviews research on the surprising effectiveness of floor graphics for in-store advertising in St. Louis, Missouri.

Marquee storefront signs and billboards get a lot of attention, but as you’ll see, one of the most cost-effective in-store advertising tools lies right under your nose—or in this case, underfoot.

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Floor Graphic Research Review: Increase Sales And Save Space In St. Louis, MO

  • Floor graphics draw customers towards product displays. In a series of experiments conducted by Emerald Group Publishing, researchers sought to measure the effects floor graphics had on in-store audiences.

    The floor graphic was as simple as they come—just a red arrow pointing in the direction of a particular product display—but that was all it took to make a big impact on in-store buyer behaviors and decision-making.

    At the end of the experiment, Nordfält et al. (2014) concluded that “floor signage significantly affected customers’ movement patterns,” influencing more people to visit the targeted product display and increasing the number of impulse purchases compared to the control.

Floor Graphic Research Review: Increase Sales with Space-Saving Signs

Even simple floor graphics like these can have a big impact on in-store audiences.

  • Floor graphics increase sales. In one case study by Flexcon, researchers looked at the impacts floor graphics had on the sales of garden supplies and work wear at a department store.

    In the first experiment, large floor graphics showcasing Carhartt work clothes led to a 31% increase in sales. In the second experiment, one year later, brightly colored floor graphics showcased Scott’s Miracle-Gro products and led customers towards displays at the back of the store, resulting in a 29% sales increase for Scott’s Miracle-Gro and an overall sales boost of 18% for the gardening department.

    In their discussion of these results, Flexcon researchers noted how floor graphics are particularly powerful because “consumers are less likely to expect such graphics under their feet; most advertising is strategically placed at eye level, making the line of sight zone among the most cluttered in any given retail environment.”

  • Floor graphics have a high rate of consumer acceptance. While some in-store ads can seem invasive, especially those that block walkways or otherwise take up space, research by the International Journal of Business and Management Invention finds floor graphics to have a “high level of [consumer] acceptance, as they are not interfering in the customer purchase” (Shrivastava et al., 2014, p. 12). This higher level of consumer acceptance is associated with better ad engagement and recall, as well as higher conversion rates.

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