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Reduce Workplace Injuries With Safety Signs In St. Louis, MO

Reduce Workplace Injuries With Safety Signs In St. Louis, MO

Safety signs save lives. Read on to review research on the effectiveness of safety signs, and find out why so many businesses entrust our team with their hazard communication system, or call 314-726-550 to speak directly with a safety sign specialist in St. Louis, MO.

Safety Signs Rated The Number-One Preventative Safety Measure

According to Missouri Labor, there have already been over 53,867 injury incidents in the workplace this year, many of which could have been prevented by using safety signs for hazard communication.

But don’t take our word for it; the effectiveness of safety signs as prevention and control measures was on full display in a recent study by the Journal of Advanced Research in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. The study compared the effectiveness of different workplace safety measures used during the construction of a headrace tunnel, which involved frequent high-risk activities, such as drilling and blasting.

After synthesizing data from 37 survey responses, the research team found that 100% of employers and 95% of employees rated safety signs as the “leading preventative measure” keeping them safe in these dangerous conditions.

With the ability to both communicate hazards and increase PPE compliance, and the average indoor safety sign generating hundreds of impressions per day, it’s easy to see why they ranked number-one. After all, even the most fastidious safety manager probably won’t be able to remind every team member about nearby hazards and safety protocols every time they enter or exit a new area.

But in order for your safety signs to do their job, they need to be designed according to certain best practices. Some may also need to comply with OSHA and ADA design standards. And that’s where our safety sign specialists can help.

Safety Sign Design Matters: Clarity And Conspicuity Save Lives

According to the National Safety Council, safety sign misperception is one of the top-3 causes of accidents in the workplace. And it happens more than you might think. For example, in one study by the Institute for Work and Health, more than one-in-three (33.7%) of participants misperceived basic first aid signs, while another 30.1% failed to properly identify emergency exit markings.

“Signs without supplementary text can cause problems,” states head researcher Amir Mofidi. “For instance, they may not attract adequate attention to themselves.”

Low color contrast, unclear pictograms, poor kerning, illegible fonts, and excessive or unclear verbiage are just a few more common causes of safety sign misperception.

If you want to steer clear of these pitfalls and make your safety signs impossible to miss, our team can help! We are a veteran-owned business that understands the importance of safety and attention to detail. Not only are we experienced with ADA and OSHA standards, but our safety sign design process is informed by years of hands-on research, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your hazcom system is both clear and conspicuous.

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