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Order Custom Banners: Build Branded Space On-Premise Or On-The-Go

Order Custom Banners: Build Branded Space On-Premise or On-the-Go

Whether you’re looking to harness the promotional power of event marketing, or you want to immerse your customs in high-impact branded space, custom banners are a quick and cost-effective option.

Today’s post reviews research on the effectiveness of event marketing, then highlights a few reasons why so many St. Louis business owners choose custom banners to build their branded space.

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Harness The Power Of Event Marketing With Custom Banners

Event marketing is a promotional strategy that focuses on “providing customers with unique and memorable experiences to establish a positive customer-brand relationship,” often via multisensory engagement in branded space (Wiedmann et al., 2018).

As its name suggests, event marketing is centered on the event, be it a themed exhibition, display, presentation, menu tasting, or sporting contest, which provides ample opportunities for multisensory engagement and positive brand associations.

The promotional power of event marketing is borne out by multiple studies, including:

  • Research by the International Journal of Advertising, which found that event marketing “can create a deeper and more meaningful, brand-equity building connection with consumers… than indirect, broad-based mass media” (Zarantonello & Schmitt, 2013, p. 258).
  • Research by the Journal of Promotion Management, which praised “the ability of event marketing to generate deeper consumer involvement through novel, interactive, and engaging activities” (Tafesse, 2016, p. 34).
  • Research by the Journal of Brand Management, which described multisensory marketing as “an important means of establishing brand experiences,” which “can offer enormous potential to induce positive feelings, thereby forming a memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand” (Wiedmann et al., 2018, p. 102).

Whether the event is occurring on the premises or somewhere in your community, the key to effective event marketing is to build branded space, and with custom banners, it is easier than ever.

These are just a few of the reasons so many St. Louis business owners use custom banners to build branded space at trade shows and sponsored events:

  • Quick and easy customization—Whether you have artwork in-hand or you need something designed from scratch, our in-house graphic design specialists will help bring your brand to life, fast, and according to your exact specifications. You can find some of our custom banner designs on display now in our online Gallery.
  • No permits needed—Custom banners used for event marketing are classed as temporary signs in St. Louis’ sign code, which means you can avoid the permitting process altogether.
  • Unparalleled portability—Custom banners are easy to carry and transport, even en masse, without any special equipment required.
  • Easy installation—Whether you’re hanging your custom banners or using a freestanding rig, most installations are completed in minutes.

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