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How Custom Sign Businesses Help ‘Slow The Spread’ In St. Louis, MO

How Custom Sign Businesses Help 'Slow The Spread' In St. Louis, MO

Today’s post highlights how our custom sign business is helping St. Louis companies slow the spread and rebuild consumer confidence one year into the pandemic. Read on or call 314-726-5500 to speak directly with a custom sign business representative.

Horizon Sign Company Helps St. Louis Businesses Regain Consumer Confidence

When the initial lockdowns began to lift, many businesses scrambled to for sign solutions to tell customers they were open, explain new pandemic protocols (e.g. contactless drop-off/pick-up, social distancing), and remain compliant with St. Louis’ reopening guidelines.

Homemade business signs during the pandemic.

                                    Homemade business signs during the pandemic.

Given that the government’s call for pandemic safety signs came on short notice, the temporary use of informal signs like these was understandable, but it wasn’t always pretty! Alternatively, some businesses used the signage made available on the Government of St. Louis website.

You probably saw a few of these printed COVID-19 signs posted around St. Louis, MO. You probably saw a few of these printed COVID-19 signs posted around St. Louis, MO.

You probably saw a few of these printed COVID-19 signs posted around St. Louis, MO.

While this communication is important, the informal signage wasn’t always good for businesses. In fact, according to research by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, informal signs like these not only created visual clutter, but also spread an air of “uncertainty and unknowing” in St. Louis, reinforcing the sense of panic, disorder, and daily compromise that characterized the early months of the pandemic.

In contrast to informal printed signage, professional COVID-19 signs create peace of mind, signaling a return to “business as usual,” which in turn promotes positive associations with your brand. And that’s where our custom sign company can help. We can design and produce a wide range of COVID-19 signage, all of which can be customized to complement your existing sign systems, brand colors, and marketing style, including:

  • Social distancing floor graphics
  • Sneeze guards / cashier shields
  • Hand-washing signs
  • Masking signs
  • Contactless drop-off/pick-up flags and banners, and more

Slow The Spread With Horizon Sign Company In St. Louis, MO

Whatever your reason for researching custom sign business, you will find everything you need at our St. Louis sign shop. Ever since we were declared part of America’s critical infrastructure, we’ve been working hard to support St. Louis’ business continuity by offering COVID-safe service and high-quality sign solutions. We also follow pandemic safety protocols recommended by the CDC and the local government, including:

  • Employee and visitor screening
  • Frequent hand-washing and disinfection of surfaces
  • Contactless sign pick-up, drop-off, and installation
  • Remote design consultations
  • Proper use of masking
  • Full compliance with social distancing recommendations

Call 314-726-5500 or visit the Horizon Sign Company website to book a free consultation and receive a quote from our custom sign business in St. Louis, MO.

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