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Floor Graphic Maintenance: 4 Tips To Prevent Early Wear And Fading

Floor Graphic Maintenance: 4 Tips To Prevent Early Wear And Fading

Floor graphics are cost-effective tools for in-store advertising, wayfinding, and branding, and the longer you can keep them in service,  the more they’ll benefit your business.

To help you get the greatest service life and return on your investment, today’s post shares 4 tips to prevent early floor graphic wear and fading.

1.    Set Yourself Up For Success With Quality Floor Graphics And Pro Installation

Floor graphics come in many different styles and grades. Some are intended for short-term use, whereas others can last for years and stand up well to daily cleanings.

Installation location will also largely impact your floor graphic’s lifespan and maintenance requirements. For example, if you install your floor graphics in a high-traffic area, you should expect a lot of wear and be prepared to clean away salt, dirt, and grime fairly often.

Likewise, installing your floor graphics somewhere where they’ll be baked in the sun all day will increase your risks of fading, although this may not be an issue for individuals who buy graphics for short-term display.

Installation quality counts for a lot, too. If the installation goes awry and you’re left with air pockets or wrinkles, your floor graphic will be more prone to rips and tears, and you may need to adjust your cleaning techniques. And if your provider installed your floor graphics without proper surface cleaning, no amount of maintenance will stop early lifting.

To set yourself up for success, ask our team about personalized product recommendations, protective finishes, and help with your site selection and installation. We do it all, and our experts are standing by to help.

2.    Clean Your Floor Graphics Whenever They Appear Dirty

Be sure to clean your floor graphics whenever they appear dirty, since caked-on contaminants can be harder to scrub away, and the more elbow grease you put to the task, the greater the odds of scratches, rips, and lifted edges.

Fortunately, floor graphics are extremely easy to clean. In fact, you can usually just proceed with your standard floor maintenance procedures (e.g. sweeping and mopping) to maintain your graphics. Just be careful not to use harsh chemical cleaners, avoid using buffing equipment over your floor graphics, and try to mop from the middle of the graphic outward, rather than pushing into the edges, as this can increase the risks of lifting.

3.    Avoid Abrasive Tools

Although our floor graphics are designed to stand up to heavy foot traffic and exposure to sunlight, salt, and other contaminants, they can be damaged by abrasive cleaning tools. This does not only apply to automatic buffers; even stiff-bristled brooms and manual scrubbers can wreak havoc. For best results, stick with soft mops or clean microfiber cloth.

4.    Be Extremely Careful With Waxing

If you intend to wax your floor graphics, make sure your chosen product meets or exceeds the 0.5 Static Coefficient of Friction value using the ASTM D-2407 test procedure. That’s probably a bit too technical for the average reader, but don’t worry—our floor graphic experts can give you recommendations as needed.

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