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Custom LED Signs: Leverage The Power Of ‘Nostalgia Marketing’

Custom LED Signs: Leverage The Power Of ‘Nostalgia Marketing’

Looking for new ways to engage your audience and convey brand quality at-a-glance? Our LED sign experts are here to help.

Today’s post explains just how easy it is to leverage the power of nostalgia marketing with high-conspicuity, low-cost LED signs.

Read on to learn how our LED sign solutions are helping local businesses brand better in 2023, or call (314)-726-5500 to speak directly with an LED sign expert near you.

Custom LED Signs: Leverage The power Of Nostalgia Marketing

“Nostalgia marketing” involves tapping into “positive, familiar concepts from previous decades to build trust for new ideas.” In other words, it’s about presenting your brand message or offering in a way that creates an association with something your audience remembers fondly from the past in order to prime them for a positive experience in the present.

This tactic is widely used because it works, and it is the key component of many companies’ brand identity.

One common way to tap into nostalgia marketing is to incorporate neon lighting into your business signage. Neon signs were first unveiled in the early 20th century, and by the early pre-war period, they had taken the world by storm, lighting up some of America’s most iconic brands and businesses through the 1940s with vibrant colors, luminous messaging, and glowing graphics.

Today, neon lighting is associated with a number of nostalgic brands, business offerings, and experiences, including:

  • Rock concerts and “video dance parties”
  • Throwback 1950s-style diners
  • Classic theaters and motels
  • Casinos and historic Las Vegas

If you’re looking to evoke these fond memories and positive associations with your brand message, or you want new ways to convey your brand’s warmth, energy, and excitement, “faux” neon LED signs are a fantastic option, giving you all the nostalgic notes without the costs, hassle, or risks of traditional neon lighting.

Compared to the neon lighting of the past, LED signs are:

  • More affordable to run
  • Easier to adjust for optimal luminance settings
  • Easier to spot from long distances
  • Easier to maintain
  • More eco-friendly
  • More customizable

Whether you want to announce your brand’s commitment to “old school” customer service, or remind older audiences of the classic meals, life-changing concerts, and exciting shopping sprees they experienced under neon lights in the past, our LED sign experts can help. We offer a wide range of LED sign solutions that simulate the classic neon looks of yesteryear, from open-face channel lettering to smaller window signs, and all of our sign products are completely customizable.

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