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Channel Letter Sign Tips For First-Timers: What Mounting Styles Is Best?

Channel Letter Sign Tips For First-Timers: What Mounting Styles Is Best?

A lot goes into creating channel letter signs. Before you can choose an installation site and finalize your channel letter sign design, you’ll need to decide how to mount it—and we can help.

Read on to learn which of the three most common mounting styles works best for you, or call (314)-726-5500 to speak directly with a channel letter sign specialist in St. Louis, MO.

How Should I Mount My Channel Letter Sign?

Channel letter signs can be mounted in a number of ways, each with different pros and cons. The three styles discussed today are raceway mounted, direct or stud-mounted, and backer-mounted channel letter signs.

With raceway mounting, your channel letters are attached to a “raceway,” which is a rectangular mount that encloses electrical components and reduces the number of penetrations needed to fix your sign to the facade. This minimally invasive installation style is ideal for commercial buildings, where space is rented and there is a high turnover of tenants. You can choose to hide your raceway by coloring it the same as the substrate, or use it as an accent color and reflective surface for lighting.

Direct or stud-mounting provides a cleaner integration with the building architecture, using multiple non-corrosive fasteners (i.e. studs) to fix your channel letter sign directly to the face of the building. Because all electrical is run inside or on the back of the wall, this option is best when there is decent accessibility to this space.

As the name suggests, backer-mounted letters are attached to an oversized backer, which is basically a flat structure mounted behind the channel letter sign, like a picture frame. Similar to raceway mounts, these structures will house all electrical components. But ulike raceway mounts, these are not always rectangular; rather, they can be custom designed and manufactured in different shapes and colors. These work great with reverse-lit letters, as they provide an ideal reflective surface for the halo lighting to shine against.

Get A Free Quote On Custom Channel Letter Signs In St. Louis, MO

If you’re looking to light up your brand name, we can help. We are a leading provider of channel letter signs throughout St. Louis and the surrounding areas, including the communities of Kirkwood, Richmond Heights, Rock Hill, Webster Groves, and beyond.

We carry all of the most popular channel letter sign styles, including:

  • Front-illuminated channel letter signs
  • Back-illuminated channel letter signs (i.e. Halo-lit)
  • Front-and-back-illuminated channel letter signs (i.e. Combination-lit)
  • Open face lit channel letter signs
  • Raceway mount channel letter signs
  • Direct/flush-mount channel letter signs
  • Backer mount channel letter signs
  • Unlit or “dimensional” channel letter signs, and more!

Whatever you choose, your channel letter sign design is 100% customizable, and we support you every step of the way. Choose any color, shape, logo, or lettering, and our team will bring your vision to life.

Our channel letter signs look good enough to eat! Find more on our Gallery page.

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