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Building Sign Basics: Choose The Right Sign For Your Building, Brand And Budget

Building Sign Basics: Choose The Right Sign For Your Building, Brand And Budget

Choosing the right building sign isn’t easy without assistance. Getting it right requires careful consideration, multidisciplinary knowledge, and a strong brand vision. But don’t worry—you don’t have to do it alone!

Read on to learn how to conduct a quick building sign self-assessment before you start your order, or call (314)-726-5500 to speak directly with a building sign expert in St. Louis, MO.

How To Choose The Right Building Sign In St. Louis, MO

1.   What Building Sign Is Best For My Building?

When selecting the right building sign for your business, location counts for a lot.

For example, if your building is located at the end of a cul-de-sac, you’ll want something forward-facing, like channel letters, whereas a business on a busy through-street would probably benefit more from a double-sided blade sign capable of targeting drivers and pedestrians moving perpendicular to the storefront.

Your building’s surroundings will also influence the effectiveness and viability of different sign options. For example, if you’re located on a street packed with channel letter signs from local competitors, you might be better off choosing something different to help stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, as per Section 1003.168(7) of our local sign code, “no building sign may impair the visibility of any official highway sign or marker or any other sign.” Thus, if you have traffic signs or other important markers in the area, you’ll need to be sure your building sign does not protrude past it.

True “flat” options, like banners, murals, and graphic prints, can be a great option in these circumstances, but don’t feel limited to these basic 2D signs. If you want dimensional channel letters, wireways and flush-mounted displays may work better than raceways, which protrude further off the facade.

Location aside, the size of your building will largely dictate the size of your building sign. As per Section 1003.168B of the local sign code, building signs’ outline areas are limited to 5% of the wall area of the business to which it is attached, and they cannot protrude more than 18” off the wall or 12” above the roof.

If your building isn’t big enough to satisfy your vision, freestanding signs might be a better alternative. For example, in C-3 commercial districts, freestanding signs can be up to 100 square feet and 35 feet tall.

Finally, you’ll need to ask yourself how much architectural integration matters to you. If you want your building sign to be seamlessly integrated into the surrounding architecture, you may have a limited set of options for sign styles and materials.

2.   What Building Sign Is Best For My Brand?

Once you’ve narrowed down your building sign options based on your location, surroundings, and need for architectural integration, it’s time to think about what fits your brand image.

For example, large banners often convey a sense of celebration, opulence, and grandeur; channel letters come with a clean franchise or corporate feel; and hanging signs evoke a sense of timeless tradition.

If you need help finding the right fit for your brand, get in touch with our team.

3.   What Building Sign Is Best For My Budget?

Every building sign is an investment, but not every building sign needs to be a “big ticket” item.

Most first-time buyers are delighted to find that they have tons of options, even when working with small budgets, thanks to our wide selection of materials and the savings we offer as a one-stop shop.

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