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Beginner’s Guide To Custom Stickers & Decals: Get The FAQ Straight

Beginner's Guide to Custom Stickers & Decals: Get the FAQ Straight

Looking for more information on how to order custom stickers and decals in St. Louis, MO? Horizon Sign Company is here to help. Today’s post answers five of the most common questions we get about custom stickers and decals from first-time buyers.

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1.   “What Is The Difference Between Custom Stickers And Decals?”

All decals are stickers, but not all stickers are decals!

Stickers and decals are very similar, but these terms should not be used interchangeably.

Stickers and decals both stick, they both display custom designs, and they both have two layers: a paper backing and an adhesive layer. The design is printed on the front of the adhesive layer (the stickers and decals themselves), and the paper backing is removed just before installation.

Beyond these basic similarities, however, stickers and decals differ quite a bit. Here are a few important differences you should understand before you place your order:

  • Intended use – Generally speaking, stickers are used for logos, illustrations, and small-format advertising on all kinds of products and surfaces, whereas decals are typically used for larger decoration or advertisements on floors, windows, walls, and vehicles.
  • Size/quantity – Decals are typically ordered in smaller quantities, whereas stickers may be ordered by the thousands. Of course, you may order decals in bulk or request a single custom sticker be printed, but this is not common due to their costs of production and intended uses. Furthermore, stickers are generally ordered quite small, whereas decals come in a wider variety of sizes.
  • Lifespan and durability – Decals typically last much longer than stickers, and they’re much more durable.

If you need more help choosing between stickers and decals, get in touch with our team!

2.   “I’m Not A Designer, But I Know What I Want – Can You Make It For Me?”

Of course! Whether you have a crystal-clear vision or a rough idea, our in-house design team will help you bring it to life in vivid color and high resolution.

3.   “Can You Create Stickers And Decals Using My Logo?”

Yes, if you have an approved vector image in-hand, we can jump straight into production. Simply upload your artwork on our Send a File page or get in touch with our team to get started.

4.   “What Turnaround Time Should I Expect For Custom Stickers And Decals?”

While the exact turnaround time will depend on your order and location, we work hard to ensure every order is delivered on-time and on-budget. Our in-house design team is highly trained and experienced, our proven collaborative process gets fast results, and our modern equipment minimizes production delays. Most stickers and decal orders are finished within a few business days.

5.   “Do You Deliver Custom Stickers And Decals Outside Of St. Louis, Missouri?”

Yes! As members of the Signworld business alliance, we’re proud to offer online design consultations and nationwide delivery.

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