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Vehicle Graphic Repair Vs. Replacement: 5 Signs It’s Time For A New Print

Vehicle Graphic Repair Vs. Replacement: 5 Signs It’s Time For A New Print

Most types of vehicle graphic wear are easily fixed, but while repairs are usually the smart choice, being faster and more economical than full-on replacements, there are some circumstances where it is better to start fresh.

Knowing the difference is key, and that’s what today’s post is all about. Read on to learn 5 instances where vehicle graphic replacements make more sense, or call (314)-726-5500 to consult with the experts in St. Louis, MO.

When To Replace Vehicle Graphics: 5 Signs You Need A New Print

  1. Your vehicle graphics are more than 5 years old. Even the best vehicle graphics won’t last forever, and using them too far past their recommended service life can do more harm than good, increasing the risks of paint damage as the adhesive bond gets stronger and stronger over time. Researchers at the 3M Science Center estimate that vehicle graphics will last for 5 to 7 years on average, so if you’ve had yours installed for 5 years or more, it’s a good idea to have them replaced. This will restart the curing process and protect your paint, while also keeping your mobile marketing system looking its best.
  2. Your vehicle graphics no longer represent your brand. If your brand recently underwent a merger or acquisition, or you’re in the process of rebranding, your vehicle graphics may no longer be representative of your business. If that’s the case, repairing old marketing materials doesn’t make much sense.

    Don’t worry: with our team by your side, updating your vehicle graphics is easy, economical, and almost as fast as a repair. We can reproduce any digital art files in flawless high-resolution that far exceeds the industry standards for dots per inch (DPI), and we guarantee great color-matches, thanks to the talents of our design team and the power of our spectrophotometer technology. We also offer full support with logo design and rebranding as needed.

  3. Your vehicle graphics aren’t up to date. Displaying outdated information can be a big problem for businesses. For example, if you’re still advertising your summer business hours during the winter, you could end up frustrating customers who took your vehicle graphics at face value.

    You may also want to replace your vehicle graphics any time you’re trying to promote a new product, service, or sale. That said, if your original vehicle graphics are still in good condition and their messaging is relatively “neutral” (e.g. your business name or logo, with no incorrect, seasonally-specific, or outdated information), it might make more sense to add vinyl lettering or additional graphics to update your messaging.

  4. Your vehicle graphics aren’t performing. There is a wealth of research bearing out the promotional power of vehicle graphics. For example, the American Trucking Association estimates that a single vehicle graphic can generate 30,000 to 80,000 impressions per day, and in one study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, every $1 spent on vehicle graphics yielded almost $3 in sales.

    If your mobile billboards aren’t performing on par, it’s probably best to replace them, instead of sinking more money into mediocre marketing materials. Consider this an opportunity to try out a new design, size, or placement on your vehicle. And if you need any help refining your design, choosing the best display area, or perfecting your specs, our experts are standing by.

  5. Your vehicle graphics have irreparable damage. Our team can easily repair most types of vehicle graphic wear and superficial damage, such as minor scuffs, scratches, air bubbles, lifting edges, rips, and adhesive failures. But vehicle graphics with extreme fading, cracking, or spalling will likely need to be replaced. For a free vehicle graphics assessment, get in touch with our team.

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