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Get More For Your Money: How To Maintain Custom Vehicle Graphics

Get More for Your Money: How to Maintain Custom Vehicle Graphics

Custom vehicle graphics offer cost-effective visibility, generating thousands of impressions every day, and for a fraction of the price of other marketing mediums. But that kind of exposure can be a double-edged sword if you aren’t investing in proper maintenance.

After all, according to a seminal study by the Sign Research Foundation, over a third (34.5%) of American consumers have made quality assumptions about a business “on the basis of clear and attractive signage.” With the average mobile billboard generating upwards of 30,000 impressions every day, poorly maintained vehicle graphics can spell disaster for your brand image, leaving thousands of people wondering about your attention to detail in other areas.

Fortunately, maintaining custom vehicle graphics is easy. Today’s post shares some simple tips to help you extend the life of your custom vehicle graphics and get more for your money.

How To Maintain Custom Vehicle Graphics In St. Louis, MO

We offer professional custom vehicle graphic maintenance and repair services, but there is plenty you can do at home to keep them looking great, including:

  • Wash custom vehicle graphics regularly with a non-abrasive detergent. The longer you leave contaminants, the harder they will be to clean off. And the harder you have to scrub, the greater the risk of damage.

    It’s often a good idea to soften difficult contaminants, such as bug splatter and bird droppings, by soaking the area with hot, soapy water before cleaning.

    For a shortlist of recommended detergents available in St. Louis, MO, give our custom vehicle graphics specialist a call at (314)-726-5500.

  • Wipe fuel spills away immediately to prevent degradation. Once the fuel is wiped away, clean the area as normal.
  • If you choose to visit an automated car wash, select the touchless option, as brush car washes may cause dulling, scratching, or lifting. Don’t hesitate to contact our team online if you need help finding suitable touchless wash options in St. Louis.
  • If you choose to pressure wash your custom vehicle graphics, ensure the water pressure is kept below 200 psi, and keep water temperatures under 180°F. Finally, hold the spray nozzle at least one foot away from your custom vehicle graphics at all times.
  • If possible, store your vehicle in a garage with limited sun exposure.

Get More Help With Custom Vehicle Graphic Maintenance In St. Louis, MO

Since the day we opened our doors for business, we’ve been keeping St. Louis’ mobile billboards looking their best. Horizon Sign Company is proud to provide fleet wraps, custom vehicle graphics, and repair/maintenance services throughout St. Louis and the surrounding areas, including the communities of Clayton, Webster Groves, Maplewood, Rock Hill, and Richmond Heights.

For more help maintaining custom vehicle graphics, call (314)-726-5500 or fill out the short contact form on the Horizon Sign Company website to book a free consultation.

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