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Branding With ‘Billboards On Wheels’: Custom Trailer Wraps In St. Louis, MO

Branding With ‘Billboards On Wheels’: Custom Trailer Wraps In St. Louis, MO

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your local marketing system and spread brand awareness, custom trailer wraps are unparalleled in terms of cost-effectiveness. Wraps offer all the value of traditional billboard advertising at a fraction of the price.

Read on to learn a bit more about branding with “billboards on wheels,” or call (314) 726-5500 to speak directly with a custom trailer wraps specialist in St. Louis, MO.

Branding With “Billboards On Wheels” — Custom Trailer Wraps In St. Louis, MO

Custom trailer wraps are sometimes referred to as billboards on wheels because they both use larger-than-life displays to generate thousands of daily impressions. However, custom trailer wraps have several advantages over traditional billboards, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness – According to a 3M Media-Asset Value Comparison, custom trailer wraps are approximately 50 times more cost-effective than television advertisements, and they are the #1 most cost-effective advertising tool overall, available for a fraction of what you would pay for a billboard sign and rental fee.

  • Engagement – According to the Arbitron National In-Car Study (2009), about 71% of drivers notice billboard advertisements. In comparison, 97% of drivers recalled seeing custom trailer wraps, making them 26% more effective, according to one study by the RYP & Becker Group. What’s more, 96% of respondents in the latter study indicated that custom trailer wraps “had more impact than billboards.”
  • Mobility – When you use billboards on wheels, you can drive your advertisements straight to your target audiences, which creates all new possibilities for targeted marketing, audience expansion, and regional branding.

  • Design flexibility – Billboard advertisements must pass through a stringent approval process, and all designs must comply with local sign code, unlike those on custom trailer wraps, which are generally classified as “temporary signs,” and thus not bound by the same strict design standards.

  • Modularity – Custom trailer wraps are “modular” in the sense that their designs can easily be adjusted, expanded, or scaled back by adding or removing different graphics. This is not the case with most billboard displays, which are set in stone from the moment they’re approved.

Free Quote On Custom Trailer Wraps In St. Louis, MO

Horizon Sign Company is a leading provider of custom trailer wraps for businesses and organizations throughout St. Louis and all the surrounding areas, including the communities of:

  • Rock Hill
  • Richmond Heights
  • Clayton
  • Maplewood
  • Webster Groves
  • Brentwood, and beyond

As one of St. Louis’ only true one-stop shops, we are proud to provide all the most popular custom trailer wrap options, including:

  • Fleet trailer wraps
  • Horse carriage wraps
  • Concession truck trailer wraps
  • Transport trailer wraps
  • Motocross trailer wraps
  • Landscaping company trailer wraps
  • Flatbed trailer wraps
  • Dry van wraps
  • Refrigerated trailer wraps
  • Extendable flatbed wraps
  • Specialty trailer wraps
  • Trailer magnets
  • Trailer decals
  • Trailer window film
  • Trailer graphics, and more!

Whatever you choose, we guarantee complete customization and customer satisfaction. But don’t take our word for it – our quality craftsmanship and commitment to customer service is borne out by dozens of glowing reviews, impressive results, and a 5-star Google rating.

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