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5 Reasons Yard Signs Deserve A Place In Your Outdoor Advertising System

5 Reasons Yard Signs Deserve A Place In Your Outdoor Advertising System

Yard signs come out in force during campaign season, filling lawns with political messages and local candidates’ party colors. But they’re not just for political campaigning—they’re also powerful promotional tools business owners can use to drive sales, boost wayfinding outcomes, and otherwise level-up their on-premise sign systems.

And that’s what today’s post is all about. Read on to learn 5 reasons yard signs deserve a place in any outdoor advertising system, or call (314)-726-5500 to speak directly with a yard sign specialist in your area.

1.   Yard Signs Make A Big Impact For A Low Price

Yard signs are one of the most inexpensive sign options out there, yet they’re also incredibly impactful.

And you don’t have to take our word for it—multiple studies bear this out. For example:

  • A 2015 report for the Electoral Studies journal associated the use of political yard signs with a substantial increase in advertising candidates’ vote shares at the municipal, federal, and congressional levels (Green, 2015).
  • A seminal study jointly commissioned by the Sign Research Foundation and the University of San Diego, which assessed more than 160 different sign systems, found that the use of yard sign displays boosted sales revenue by 5-10% on average (Ellis et al., 1997).
  • A 2021 report for the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding found that street-level signage, such as yard signs, monument signs, and A-frames, greatly enhanced wayfinding outcomes, helping study participants find their destinations faster than groups using paper maps and GPS systems (Vaez et al., 2021, p. 32).

Clearly, yard signs work, enhancing political engagement, wayfinding outcomes, and sales revenue for advertisers. And when you factor in their impressive longevity and potential for reuse, their cost-effectiveness climbs even higher.

2.   Yard Signs Make Your Marketing More Agile

Static signs have their place, but the best on-premise advertising systems include agile assets—that is, signs that can be moved quickly and easily to serve a variety of different purposes, such as:

  • Drawing attention to sidewalk sales
  • Targeting multiple angles of approach (e.g. westbound rush hour traffic in the morning, eastbound commuters coming home after work)
  • Showing your holiday spirit with festive, seasonal yard signs
  • Rerouting guests to new parking spaces or entrances during periods of heavy construction
  • Promoting seasonal menu items or sales running for a limited time

If you’re looking to make your marketing system more agile, yard signs are an excellent choice. They’re inexpensive, easy to produce, and easier still to install, reposition, and store in the off-season. Staking yard signs is a cinch, too, so you can even order multiple sign faces to use on the same wire frames.

3.   Yard Sign Orders Come Together Fast

Whether you use one of our yard sign templates or collaborate with our team to create something new, the design process is fast, fun, and easy. We know local sign codes, so you’ll never have to backtrack to correct noncompliance issues, and we can start printing as soon as you approve the design proof. Assembling or “staking” yard signs takes no time at all, and installation couldn’t be any simpler—just stick the bottom legs of your wire H-stake into the ground, and you’re done!

4.   Yard Signs Hold Up To The Worst Of St. Louis’ Weather

The most popular yard signs are made from corrugated plastic, which doesn’t rust, fade, warp, spall, or crack in bad weather. And if it gets too windy outside, it takes minimal effort to pull your yard signs up and store them indoors until the storm passes.

5.   Yard Signs Are Exempt From Most Sign Code Requirements

Most outdoor signs require permits, which can slow down your order and seriously limit your design possibilities. But not yard signs—depending on how they’re used, yard signs are classified as either “Temporary Signs” or “Political Candidate Signs” under Chapter 1003 Zoning Ordinances, both of which are exempt from permitting requirements and subject to fewer design standards.

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