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3 Yard Sign Placement Tips To Drive Sales And Stand Out In St. Louis, MO

3 Yard Sign Placement Tips To Drive Sales And Stand Out In St. Louis, MO

Yard sign installations literally take seconds to finish, but spending a few extra minutes learning about proper placement can pay dividends. Read on to learn 3 yard sign placements tips to help your business drive sales and stand out, or call (314)-726-5500 to speak directly with a yard sign specialist in St. Louis, MO.

Top-3 Yard Sign Placement Tips To Drive Sales

1.   Place Yard Signs Away From Visual Clutter In St. Louis, MO

One reason yard signs can be so effective is that they operate on a “different level,” being lower to the ground compared to high-flying pylon signs, billboards, and storefront marquees, where they can be viewed away from St. Louis’ crowded and competitive business signscape.

According to Joanna McNeish (2020), researcher for the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, crowded signscapes have the effect of increasing the cognitive load on consumers, and when confronted with a high level of visual clutter, the majority of viewers chose to tune out these sign clusters altogether, rather than straining to make sense of their mixed messages.

To help your yard signs stand out and get read, without burdening the viewer with a heavy cognitive load, lean into their strengths and find an area with minimal visual clutter. In addition to avoiding neighboring signage, this means:

  • Placing yard signs away from product displays in windows or on sidewalks
  • Placing yard signs away from advertisements on city benches or bus terminals
  • Placing yard signs away from busy parking lots, full of movement, colorful cars, and shiny chrome

Find The Best Angle For Your Yard Sign Display In St. Louis, MO

Your target audience has the best chance of reading your yard signs when they’re placed directly in front of them at the appropriate angle. Every inch or angle of rotation your yard sign moves away from this ideal position reduces its visual impact.

Of course, you cannot place yard signs directly in front of pedestrians or passing motorists, but you can do the next best thing, which, according to the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Sign Research Foundation, is to angle your yard sign so that it faces the viewer at a 45 degree angle. This not only maximizes safe viewing time, but also minimizes the risks of headlights washing out yard signs messages that face the roadway head-on.

Keep Your Yard Sign Placement On The Up And Up In St. Louis, MO

In some cases, improper yard sign placement isn’t just ill-advised; it might actually be illegal!

For example, local sign code states that:

  • Yard signs shall be separated by a minimum of one hundred (100) feet from other yard signs or ground mounted banners
  • Non-residential lots may be permitted two (2) yard signs no larger than twelve (12) square feet
  • For real estate yard signs, each property may have no more than one (1) sign facing each roadway on which the property has frontage

Failing to meet these requirements could expose your business to fines, create conflicts with landlords or developers, and draw the ire of your local audience. At the very least, if you place your yard signs improperly at the roadside, they’ll likely be removed by maintenance personnel from the Missouri Department of Transportation or your local municipality before they can generate a significant return on investment.

But with the help of our yard sign specialists, you won’t have to worry. We guarantee full adherence to the design standards stipulated in the St. Louis County sign code, and we can communicate with site developers, landlords, and the Planning Commission to keep your sign placement fully in line with their expectations.

Get More Yard Sign Placement Tips: Book A Free Consultation In St. Louis, MO

Our local sign shop offers full support wth yard sign design, manufacturing, permitting, and placement, and every consultation is free. To schedule yours, you can call (314)-726-5500, or fill out our contact form to request a consultation online.

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