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Top 10 Reasons Window Graphic Film Deserves A Place In Any Sign System

Top 10 Reasons Window Graphic Film Deserves a Place in Any Sign System

Window graphic film is one of the most popular advertising tools for St. Louis business owners, and today’s post explains why. Read on to learn 10 reasons to invest in cost-effective window graphics for your on-premise sign system, or call (314) 726-5500 to speak directly with a window graphics specialist near you.

Why Invest In Window Graphic Film For My Business In St. Louis, MO?

1.   Window Graphic Film Generates Thousands Of Daily Impressions

A single window graphic can transform empty window space into a powerful, “on-premise billboard,” capable of generating thousands of daily impressions from passing drivers and pedestrians.

2.   Window Graphic Film Offers Unparalleled Cost-Effectiveness

Because they generate so many impressions, window graphics are sometimes referred to as on-premise billboards. But that is where the comparison ends, because window graphics cost only a fraction of what you can expect to pay for a billboard display, and they last longer, too.

3.   Window Graphic Film Typically Does Not Require Permits

Unless you order something huge, most window graphics do not require permits or variances, which means you never have to worry about permitting fees or missed deadlines due to bureaucratic delays.

And should your window graphics require permitting, we can help. Not only can we help you gather, complete, and submit all required paperwork, but our team will keep your window graphics fully compliant with any design standards specified in the St. Louis County sign code from day one.

4.   Window Graphic Film Takes Very Little Time To Produce

If you already have graphics in-hand, we can begin producing your window graphics right away. Even when custom designs are required, most window graphics projects go from creative ideation to final installation in only a few days.

5.   Window Graphic Film Is Endlessly Customizable

When you partner with our window graphics designers, anything is possible. Whether you have a crystal-clear vision, or you have no idea where to begin, we’ll work with you to create stunning graphics and cogent messaging that comply with local sign code requirements.

6.   Window Graphics Film Installations Are Quick And Easy

Window graphic installations typically take under an hour, and they require no invasive drilling or heavy-duty equipment, so you can go about your business without any disruptions to your daily operations.

7.   Window Graphics Film Can Provide Additional Privacy

Certain businesses invite onlookers to take a peek through the windows as a way to attract walk-ins, but that is not always the case. For example, some restaurants use window graphics to give diners a bit more privacy. Similarly, many gyms prefer to block window views with graphics so that their clients feel comfortable. Window graphics make it easy to create additional privacy, while also creating high-value advertising space.

8.   Window Graphics Can Help Reduce Indoor Temperatures And A/C costs

Did you know your on-premise sign system could help cut utility costs?

According to research by 3M manufacturers, quality window graphics can block as much as 78% of the sun’s heat, allowing businesses to run their A/C less frequently, amounting to energy savings of up to 40%.

9.   Window Graphics Film Lasts For A Long Time

With proper maintenance, which amounts to little more than the occasional wipe-down or rinse, most quality window graphics installations can last for 5 to 7 years. To maximize the service life of your window graphics, we recommend finding a display area without prolonged sun exposure or risk of excess wear-and-tear, such as a semi-shady window spot that is too high for passersby to touch or brush up against.

10. You Can Get Started On Your Custom Window Graphics Order With A Few Quick Clicks

Ordering custom window graphics has never been easier! Check out some real window graphics results on our Gallery page, and if you like what you see, it only takes a few clicks and keystrokes to request a free quote and consultation.

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