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Order Custom Van Wraps: Protect Your Fleet From Weathering And Wear

Order Custom Van Wraps: Protect Your Fleet from Weathering and Wear

Van wraps aren’t just powerful promotional tools; they’re also one of the best ways to protect your fleet vehicles from weathering and wear.  That’s what today’s post is all about.

Read on to learn about the protective powers of promotional van wraps, or call (314)-726-5500 to consult directly with a van wrap technician in St. Louis, MO.

Treat Your Fleet To The Protective Power Of Custom Van Wraps

  • Custom van wraps protect your paint. Whether you’ve invested in a custom paint job or you simply want to protect your vehicle’s resale value, van wraps can help prevent unwanted chips, scratches, and dings. Though not on par with paint protection films or ceramic coatings, van wraps do place a thin and durable “damper” of vinyl between your vehicle’s panels and any scratchy surfaces. And once the damage is done, they’re much easier to repair or replace.

Order Custom Van Wraps: Protect Your Fleet from Weathering and Wear

In durability tests by EVS Motors, van wraps completely protected the underlying panel against an aggressive encounter with a traffic bollard, meant to simulate a common scratching scenario.

  • Custom van wraps lock out the elements. If you leave your fleet vehicles out to sunbathe for extended periods, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will cause photo-degradation of the paintwork, causing it to fade or even crack. Likewise, prolonged exposure to rain and snow can increase the risks of rust and corrosion.

    But with a custom van wrap in place, you needn’t worry. Though intended primarily as promotional materials, van wraps lock out the elements with an opaque, water-and-UV-resistant layer of vinyl, so your fleet can beat the heat, the sleet, and whatever else you encounter out on the road!

  • Custom van wraps reduce the risks of vandalism. Vandalism costs business owners thousands of dollars per year, and more than $12-billion nationwide, according to the US Small Business Administration. But by installing van wraps, you can protect your fleet from almost anything, saving time, money, and stress caused by senseless acts of destruction.

    Don’t take our word for it—the proof is already out there. For example, in a fascinating durability test by EVS Motors, technicians went to war with a custom van wrap, attacking a simple black panel with an arsenal of troublemaking tools, including a key, a screwdriver, and a can of red spray paint.


Order Custom Van Wraps: Protect Your Fleet from Weathering and Wear


After removing the wrap, the team was surprised to find that all but the most forceful “stabbing” impacts were completely absorbed by the vinyl, and not a single spot of spray paint showed through.

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