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Make The Most Of Small Retail Spaces: Tips From A Pro Sign Shop

Make The Most Of Small Retail Spaces: Tips From A Pro Sign Shop

Small retail spaces can present unique challenges for advertisers, but with the help of our pro sign shop, you’ll have no trouble getting your message across, no matter how much you have to say or how little room you have to work with.

Read on to learn some quick tips for creating effective sign systems in small retail spaces, or call (314)-726-5500 to schedule a free consultation with our pro sign shop in St. Louis, MO.

Make The Most Of Small Retail Spaces: 5 Tips From A Pro Sign Shop

  1. Cultivate negative space. In one study, titled “Impacts of Store Crowding on Shopping Behavior and Store Image,” researchers Lee et al. (2011) measured the impacts “spatial crowding” had on sales, brand image, and customer behaviors. Unsurprisingly, cramped retail spaces stuffed with busy aisle displays and bulky signs did not do well, with customers choosing to spend less time and money in stores with serious “spatial crowding.”

    As with graphic design, stores are generally viewed more favorably when they leave some empty space. Just as “negative space” in graphic design invites readers and helps them identify important elements, “negative space” in stores welcomes visitors and directs them towards the intended destination, be it a member of your sales team or an impressive aisle display.

    Accordingly, you should resist the urge to stuff your small retail space with as much signage as possible, even if you have a lot to say. If you have multiple signs to display, avoid spreading them out and taking up more valuable floor space. Instead, consider setting them up in clusters, bunching relevant signs together in order to leave more navigable “negative space,” while still providing information for interested readers.

  2. Leverage space-saving floor graphics. Floor graphics take up no space at all; they’re easy to order, install, and clean; and they’re highly effective. In fact, in one study by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute, 64% of shoppers stopped to consider products indicated by floor graphic displays.
  3. Transform plain panes and panels into promotional space. If your business is blessed with lots of windows, inward-facing window graphics can do wonders for your in-store messaging.

    No windows? No problem. Every brick-and-mortar shop has wall panels, and our pro sign shop also offers a line of high-quality, easy-to-install wall graphics that can create larger-than-life indoor billboards without eating up an inch of your floor space.

    Whatever you choose, we guarantee top-quality prints, with sharp, consistent, and repeatable image quality, high DPI resolution, perfect color matches, and speedy turnaround time, thanks to our fast printers and quick-drying inks.

  4. Go digital to create multiple signs in one. Digital signage can be a game-changer in small retail spaces, giving you the power of multiple signs in one with dynamic displays and user-friendly updates/customization. Digital signs also power-up your in-store messaging with illumination, eye-catching movement, and multimedia capabilities, so they’re always worth considering, even in roomier retail settings.
  5. Do more with your exterior signs. Although outdoor signs will still have to adhere to your local sign code’s setback, size, and height requirements, you’ll probably have a lot more display space outdoors, so do your best to make the most of this opportunity. For example, you might introduce products and promotional information with outward-facing window graphics, rather than placing a freestanding sign inside for the same purpose.

Optimize Your Retail Space: Consult With A Pro Sign Shop In St. Louis, MO

To explore more space-saving options for in-store messaging and get a free quote on any custom order, you can:


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