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How To Keep Your Trailer Wraps Looking Great In Missouri Summer Heat

How to Keep Your Trailer Wraps Looking Great in Missouri Summer Heat

As St. Louis continues to post record-breaking temperatures, some business owners have begun to wonder: how will the heat affect my custom trailer wraps? Will my graphics fade? And since most trailer wrap removals are heat-assisted, won’t the sun harm the adhesive?

As always, the team at Horizon Sign Company is here to answer your trailer wrap questions.

Read on to learn how St. Louis’ heat will affect your custom trailer wraps, and what needs to be done to keep them looking their best all summer long, or call (314)-726-5500 to schedule a free consultation with a trailer wrap technician.

How Will St. Louis, Heat Wave Affect My Custom Trailer Wraps?

Just last month, St. Louis broke record-high temperatures, peaking at 100 degrees in mid-June for the first time since 1987 (Heffernan, 2022). The persistent heat wave led the National Weather Service to extend several heat warnings, which highlighted the risks high temperatures pose for children, pets, and the elderly.

But what about your trailer wraps? Will they hold up in the heat, or will the scorching sun fade your graphics and weaken the adhesive?

In short, you have nothing to worry about—most wraps are rated for use in temperatures that far exceed what’s possible in nature.

However, the answer ultimately depends on a few factors, including:

  • Trailer wrap quality—Low-grade vinyl and graphics may be more prone to fading in the sun, but we only use the best materials and printing processes for better UV-resistance.
  • Trailer wrap age—Older wraps may be more prone to damage and adhesive failure in extreme heat, although with proper care, most wraps will easily last 3 to 5 years before experiencing these issues.
  • Trailer wrap type—Trailer wraps from the “ultra removable” category will be more prone to adhesion problems in extreme heat, since these are specifically designed for easy, heat-assisted DIY removal. But even then, you likely have nothing to worry about. And if you want peace of mind, you have plenty of options—some wraps and graphics listed temperature for use goes as high as 224 degrees!
  • Trailer wrap installation—Improper installation and insufficient curing times will make your trailer wrap vulnerable to adhesion failures in extreme heat, which is why it is important to go pro with qualified installers.
  • Trailer wrap storage—Storing your trailer wrap in the sun will increase the risk of fading and adhesion problems, so opt for shady spots, shelter, or climate-controlled garages when possible. If you’re stuck with a sunny parking spot, don’t worry—quality wraps should hold up just fine for the season.
  • Trailer wrap maintenance—If you’re not careful, cleaning your trailer wraps in this heat can cause some minor aesthetic problems that detract from your design. As you wash your trailer wrap or graphic, the heat from the sun will cause the water to dry very quickly and unevenly across the surface, which leaves a streaky finish with lots of water spots. Fortunately, this is easily prevented, and totally reversible—just wash your trailer wraps on shady days, then either wipe it down with a microfibre cloth or leave it to air-dry out of the sun. If you end up with spotting, you can just clean them as you would any other water stains.

In summary, extreme heat can be a problem in some situations, but any issues are easily preventable with smart shopping, storage, and upkeep.

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