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Beginner’s Guide To Office Signs: 5 Ways To Build Better Workspaces

Beginner’s Guide To Office Signs: 5 Ways To Build Better Workspaces

A well-designed office sign system can boost employee morale and productivity, improve the customer experience and opinion of the brand, and keep your team safe and compliant with workplace rules. And with the Horizon Sign Company by your side, ordering is easy, even without experience.

Read on to learn 5 ways you can use our office sign products to build a better workspace, or call (314)-726-5500 to schedule a free consultation with our office sign team in St. Louis, MO.

5 Ways To Build Better Workspaces With Custom Office Signs

1.    Meet Your ADA Requirements With Custom Office Signs For Wayfinding

In St. Louis, all permanent rooms in public workspaces must be clearly identified with office signs that comply with the design standards stipulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Failing to meet these requirements not only exposes your business to non-compliance fines, but also creates a non-inclusive brand image, which can sour your local reputation and cost you a lot of potential sales.

ADA design standards are quite involved, covering everything from braille dot spacing to installation heights, but with the help of our office sign experts, meeting these requirements is as easy as asking. Our team can help you create custom branded office signs that are fully compliant with ADA criteria, and we also offer a number of ADA templates you can use for quick-and-easy sign compliance.

2.    Impress Your Guests With Custom Office Signs In The Lobby

From the moment visitors enter your office, they are evaluating your business, and the majority will use your lobby signs as “inferential cues” as the basis for these thin-slice judgements (Kellaris & Machleit, 2016).

Since so much rides on first impressions, lobby signage is one of the most important parts of any office sign system. But with our office sign team by your sign, it’s easy to create impressive images that convey your brand’s quality and character at a glance. And while office signs may look impressive, they’re actually quite inexpensive, so there’s no reason to make due with a bland, uninspiring lobby space.

Beginner’s Guide to Office Signs: 5 Ways to Build Better Workspaces

3.    Use Temporary Office Signs For Short-term Displays And Agile Advertising

Whether you’re leasing a temporary workspace, making due until your permanent sign is ready, or looking to modify your sign system to target multiple angles of approach, our selection of temporary office signs makes it easy to meet your goals.

Beginner’s Guide to Office Signs: 5 Ways to Build Better WorkspacesBeginner’s Guide to Office Signs: 5 Ways to Build Better Workspaces

Temporary office signs can be used as placeholders or supplements to your existing on-premise sign system.

We carry a wide range of temporary office sign solutions, from repositionable graphics and banners to freestanding panel signs, and everything is completely customizable with the help of our in-house experts.

4.    Enforce Office Safety Protocols And Show Employees You Care

Whether you work at a medical office where COVID-19 safety protocols must be maintained, or you need to warn employees about other hazards in the workplace, office signs are one of the most cost-effective ways to enforce safety protocols at work.

In fact, in one study by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, floor graphics were shown to increase the rate of hand washing, compliance with social distancing policies, and masking compliance more so than regular reminders from staff members (McNeish, 2020). Thus, office safety signs not only stop employees from having to pause their work to explain safety protocols—they work better, too!

And when you work with Horizon Sign Company, you’ll have plenty of options, including:

  • Custom vinyl graphics to mark “Employee only” areas and display office safety protocols
  • Medical office signs indicating protective clothing requirements, X-ray radiation, medical oxygen usage, and more
  • “No cellphone” office signs
  • Custom office signs to identify first aid stations and security checkpoints
  • Outdoor office signs designating ambulance parking spots
  • Warehouse signs to meet all OSHA and workplace safety requirements, and more

5.    Boost Productivity And Inspire Employees With Custom Office Signs

Whether you’re trying to leverage the power of biophilic design by surrounding employees with verdant natural imagery; you’re a proponent of color psychology interested in the concentration-boosting powers of blue hues; or you want to inspire creativity by displaying great works of art, our office sign experts are standing by to help.

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