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Streamline Your Post & Panel Sign Project: 4 Critical Questions To Ask

Streamline Your Post & Panel Sign Project: 4 Critical Questions to Ask

Before you commit to your post & panel sign order, ask yourself the following 4 questions. This quick self-assessment will only take a few minutes, and it could save you serious time, money, and project management headaches.

Read on to learn how to streamline your post & panel sign project, or call (314)-726-5500 to consult with a specialist for free in St. Louis, MO.

1.    Does This Project Call For Permanent Or Temporary Post & Panel Signs?

The majority of post & panel sign orders we get are for permanent displays, but for some campaigns, a temporary sign will suffice.

Though the installation won’t be as impressive or integrated into the existing architecture, our temporary post & panel signs still look great, and they’re big enough to generate thousands of daily impressions, even in busy business districts.

Streamline Your Post & Panel Sign Project: 4 Critical Questions to AskStreamline Your Post & Panel Sign Project: 4 Critical Questions to Ask

Even in busy business districts, our temporary post & panel signs stand out and drive sales!

What’s more, they’re faster, cheaper, and easier to produce and set up, and they also do not typically require permits.

Section 1003.168 of the St. Louis County sign code stipulates that business owners are allowed one temporary post & panel sign per street frontage, with a maximum size of sixteen (16) square feet, as long as they are erected within 7 days of the event. So ask yourself: will a temporary sign suffice? If so, we can help you save big on event marketing materials.

If you need help determining whether your campaign goals can be met with temporary signage, or you want to explore our catalog of permanent post & panel signs, get in touch with our team.

2.    What Post & Panel Sign Specifications Are Allowed In My District?

In St. Louis, different sign rules apply depending on where your business is located, and knowing these differences could save you a lot of backtracking and remediation costs.

For example, businesses located in C-3 Commercial districts are allowed a max height of 35 feet for freestanding signs, whereas businesses located in C-2 districts are capped at 30 feet. These guidelines are also used to determine your required post & panel sign setback, with 15 feet required in C-3 Commercial districts, while businesses operating in C-4 districts must use a 25-foot setback.

To learn more about the different post & panel size allowances, get in touch with our team.

3.    Do I Need Changeable Messaging?

Regularly updating your message using changeable signage shows viewers your business is active and up-to-date; it conditions your audience to check back for new info on a regular basis; and it amounts to thousands of dollars in signage savings, as you can create new messaging on a whim, without having to pay for new prints.

If you want the ability to customize your sign message after installation, you have two basic options: digital post & panel signage, or post & panel signage with changeable letter sign features built-in, as we see here with a recent project for Hankins Construction:

Streamline Your Post & Panel Sign Project: 4 Critical Questions to Ask

Don’t feel limited to big-ticket digital displays for changeable messaging—our letterboard add-ons work great and for a fraction of the price.

4.    Do I Need To Illuminate My Post & Panel Sign?

Illumination will make your signage much more conspicuous and greatly enhance your legibility range, but with great power comes great responsibility! Not only will you be paying extra for illuminated post & panel signs; you’ll also need to submit an electrical permit and keep your lighting in-line with sign code standards.

Still, if your business operates after dark, or you want to keep building brand authority after hours, illumination is definitely worth the investment. And with our team standing by to guide you through permit applications, planning, site selection, illumination management, and more, it’s easy to leverage the power of light.

But if your business closes before dark, or you’re just starting out, it might not be worth the extra expense. Post & panel signs are already highly conspicuous and effective for wayfinding and promotional purposes, thanks to their height and supersize sign face, so don’t feel like you need to put your name up in lights.

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