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How To Choose Lobby Sign Materials: What’s Best For Your Brand And Budget?

How to Choose Lobby Sign Materials: What’s Best for Your Brand and Budget?

As one of the first things people see upon entering your office or place of business, lobby signs play a critical role in branding, and they can make or break customers’ first impression of your business.

Today’s post compares and contrasts three of the most popular lobby sign materials to help you select the best option for your brand and budget.

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What Lobby Sign Materials Are Best For Your Brand?

Go Acrylic For The Perfect Lobby Sign Aesthetic In St. Louis, MO

Acrylic lobby signs are a very popular choice for businesses in St. Louis, MO, offering:

  • Impressive and versatile visuals, whether you want a matte effect or a glossy, vitreous finish to convey your brand’s upscale character
  • Incredible customization, allowing you to choose any color, cut, size, or shape for your lobby sign design
  • Easy installation and transportation, thanks to the lightweight material properties of acrylic
  • Different mounting options, including basic stud-mounted options, as well as chrome, brushed metal, and nickel-plated standoffs or offsets, should you wish to create a slight shadowed or 3D effect
  • Considerable cost control, with acrylic lobby signs allowing you to create big brand authority without a big-ticket price tag

Check out this recent lobby sign project for Elemental Esthetics:

How to Choose Lobby Sign Materials: What’s Best for Your Brand and Budget?

This beautiful cut acrylic lobby sign anchors their interior branding system, greeting new arrivals with a calm-yet-conspicuous design. The high-contrast white-on-blue palette helps the brand name pop, while still tying together with their clean white interiors, and the wavy water effects help to convey their elemental brand identity without words.

Cut Turnaround Time With A PVC Wall Panel Lobby Sign

PVC is a standard option for lobby sign dimensional letters, but PVC wall panel lobby signs are becoming increasingly popular for small businesses who need cost-effective lobby signs, fast.

PVC lobby signs cost less than acrylic, and they offer a number of unique benefits, including:

  • Limitless customization—PVC can be routed to form custom logos, letters and shapes, and PVC wall panel lobby signs come in a wide range of colors, finishes, and thicknesses
  • Excellent durability—PVC is long-lasting, dent-resistant, and waterproof
  • Easy updates with custom graphics—PVC is a smooth surface that readily accepts vinyl lettering and digital graphics, should you want to modify or update your sign down the line
  • Speedy production time—PVC wall panel signs are quick to produce, making them perfect for businesses who need speedy sign solutions for upcoming events, pop-up shops, or local grand openings.

How to Choose Lobby Sign Materials: What’s Best for Your Brand and Budget?

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Go Big On A Budget With Wall Graphic Lobby Signs

Vinyl graphics allow business owners to transform plain wall panels into stunning lobby signs, complete with high-resolution images and vibrant colors, without needing to get a permit or pay a prohibitively high price.

How to Choose Lobby Sign Materials: What’s Best for Your Brand and Budget?

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