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Get More For Your Marketing Spend: How To Maintain Custom Wall Graphics

Get More for Your Marketing Spend: How to Maintain Custom Wall Graphics

Have you recently purchased custom wall graphics? If you want to get more for your money, you’ll need to start protecting your investment with proper upkeep. And whether you want to go pro or DIY, Horizon Sign Company is here to help with all your custom wall graphics maintenance needs.

Read on to learn how to maintain custom graphics, or get in touch with our custom wall graphics specialists to get a free quote on cleaning, repair, and upkeep services in St. Louis, MO.

How To Maintain Custom Wall Graphics In St. Louis, MO

Generally, there are two ways to go about maintaining your custom wall graphics: do-it-yourself (DIY) or go pro by setting up a sign maintenance schedule with our team.

Only you can choose what works best for you, but whatever you pick, Horizon Sign Company is here to help. Get in touch with our team to set up your custom wall graphic maintenance schedule, or use the following instructions to do-it-yourself:

  • To hand-wash custom wall graphics, start by rinsing the surface with clean water to remove loose dirt particles, then use a mild liquid detergent and water solution to wash with a soft brush, rag, or sponge, avoiding any excess “elbow grease” or unnecessary scrubbing. Once cleaned, rinse thoroughly with clean water, then allow the custom wall graphic to dry naturally.
  • Automatic brush washing may be used, however improper technique can dull the finish of the graphic or cause edges to lift. If possible, consult with your local custom wall graphics specialist before you fire up the automatic brushes.
  • For custom wall graphics with a protective overlaminate, use a cleaner designed specifically for high-quality painted surfaces. It should be wet, non-abrasive, free of strong solvents, and neither strongly acidic nor strongly alkaline, with a pH value between 3 and 11.
  • For digitally printed custom wall graphics with a clear coat, use a wet, non-abrasive solution free of solvents and alcohol, with a pH value between 3 and 11.
  • For matte, textured, or other unique finishes, take special care to avoid abrading or scratching your custom wall graphics during cleaning. Contact your local sign specialist for more help selecting the proper tools, cleaning solutions, and techniques for your particular product.
  • To power wash custom wall graphics, make sure the spray nozzle is set to a 40-degree wide spray pattern; keep the maximum pressure below 1200 psi; do not exceed temperatures of 140°F (60°C); hold the nozzle perpendicular to the graphic and at least 12 inches away; and do not direct the water stream between 0°-60° to the edge of the graphic.
  • Do not apply wax, polish, paint, or clear coat, as these can seriously damage your custom wall graphics.

Get A Free Quote On Custom Wall Graphics St. Louis, MO

Horizon Sign Company is your number-one source for the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of any custom wall graphics, including:

  • 3D wall murals
  • Wall signs
  • Wall graphics
  • Digitally printed vinyl with a protective overlaminate
  • Wall mural decals
  • Office wall murals, and more

Whatever you choose, we guarantee:

  • Superior custom wall graphic designs, whether you want to update existing brand materials, create something from scratch, or use one of our proven templates.
  • High-quality custom wall graphics, made from premium vinyl that looks great and outlasts the competition, with minimal upkeep requirements.
  • Full installation support, so you never have to worry about ugly cracks, air pockets, or raised edges spoiling the design you spent so much time getting right.
  • Complete design customization, no matter what you need to realize your brand vision.
  • Full compliance with St. Louis’ sign code, so you never have to worry about ADA liabilities, non-compliance penalties, or remediation costs.
  • Fast turnaround time, with efficient processes and in-house specialists facilitating seamless transitions from concept, to production, to installation

To start your free consultation and get a quote on any custom wall graphics, call (314) 726-5500 or book online using our quick contact form. We are located in Brentwood, and we are proud to serve businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout the Greater St. Louis area.

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